Medical Billing Services

RANAC Medical Management Billing Services: Increased Profitability and Lower Overhead

Physicians and medical administrators can increase profitability and lower practice costs through use of healthcare billing services, just one of the healthcare business solutions from RANAC. Our team of medical management billing experts can increase your profitability by:

  • eliminating the need to hire and maintain a staff to perform physician billing services
  • providing effective and professional account follow-up, maximizing reimbursements
  • improving medical accounts receivable management
  • increasing cash flow by filing all medical claims within 48 hours of patient care
  • providing access to online patient information, appointment scheduling and account balances
  • offering easy EMR interface (electronic medical record interface)

Monthly management reports, detailing practice activity to date, will be reviewed in detail. Your fee is based on monthly collections, resulting in higher efficiencies, lower costs and higher practice profits.

Medical billing services are a RANAC healthcare business solution designed to optimize the performance and profit of the medical practice or facility.